We specialise in structuring, and arranging, complex and innovative commercial finance solutions that are beyond the scope of traditional loan brokers

Global Capital Corporation (‘GCC’) knows that navigating the Commercial Loan market can be a daunting task, which is why we’re here to help.

We are well-known and respected for our knowledge and skill set in getting deals done for our clients.

Our experienced team have a demonstrated track record of successfully settling deals.

We understand commercial transactions and take a practical approach to securing the best solution for your funding requirements, ensuring timely turnaround for funding proposals and regular communication.


Established in 2001, GCC today has the widest network of lenders Australia-wide to support our clients. We are constantly updating our available lending parameters, reviewing funder profiles and establishing relationships with new lenders and private investors. Our professional research and analysis of all available data ensures that we provide the optimum financial package for your requirements.

Over 250 lenders Australia-wide

Most importantly on our client’s behalf, GCC is constantly exploring available and new products and each funder’s terms of lending, working with them to develop new innovative lending products. This provides an essential service for borrowers and our introducers in a world where lending products and terms are continually changing.

If a loan can be done we know the lender who can do it

Industry Experience

Our up-to-date knowledge across the full spectrum of property markets keeps us keenly aware of the availability and pricing of funds. GCC is closely aligned with property lending market participants, including those in the agency, valuation and construction sectors. In addition, our long term relationships with lending institutions give us a unique market overview, adding significant value to our clients. Whatever your financial requirements, our goal is to make it happen.

We Perform

Through our network of funders GCC is uniquely positioned to assist you in all property transactions, no matter how specialised the security type, or how remote a location around Australia. Our Focus is to settle all deals in the shortest possible time and on the most favourable terms.

Funding is sourced from over 250 lenders including institutional lenders, investment banks and private HNW investors. For our clients, partnering with GCC gives you access to some of the most exclusive, unique and innovative financial solutions available in the market.

Our extensive network of industry participants and access to products and services ensures that our clients’ needs are matched with the most appropriate financial solution.

Despite these strong ongoing relationships with top lenders, we remain independent and our commitment is to always seek to satisfy the borrower’s funding requirements. Whether your client has full financials, no financials, is a non-resident, has current defaults, or mortgage arrears etc., we have access to loan products which can assist them.

Sometimes achieving the lowest interest rate may not be at the top of the list of priorities for a borrower. For some borrowers, the driving force could be maximising borrowing potential, no pre-sales for construction or minimum documentation. For others, speed to settlement is the priority.

Whatever the circumstances, we listen and we perform

Every client’s lending requirements are different and we listen carefully in our discussions to be able to provide the most appropriate lending solution for your specific needs. We work with clients across a wide spectrum from private borrowers, property developers, professional syndicates and public listed companies.

The sheer volume of our business positions us to negotiate better terms and conditions with our underwriters on your behalf.

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