Our client purchased a property based in Sydney for $138.8M and settled with a $20M facility and the balance covered with equity.

We were approached to refinance the facility and provide additional funds to be used for additional acquisition of future development sites.

We successfully obtained approval for a facility of $83.7M based on 60% LVR from our private investor network.


Our client sought to “land bank” a development site in Adelaide pending commencement of a sixty unit residential apartment complex. A facility was required to repay an existing first mortgage and provide a level of working capital for the pre construction component of the proposed project.

The property was purchased for $1.445M and our client was looking for the maximum LVR available.

GCC facilitated an advance of 80% of the value of the property with the transaction settling in late November 2009 using a 1st and 2nd mortgage.

Senior Debt
Second Mortgage

Our Borrower was looking to raise funds against an Industrial property situated in an inner west suburb of Sydney to allow for the repayment of the existing first mortgage ($2.5M) and to raise an additional $2M to assist with preliminary costs associated with the proposed development of a 10 storey mixed use building including basement parking and public domain improvements which would net a GRV of approx $90M.

Proposed facility term is 12 months during which time all necessary pre-sales and development preliminaries are expected to be completed which will allow for an orderly refi of this facility via a construction facility.

The borrower approached their existing bank to assist however it was declined because the bank was not comfortable with the cash out nature of the request.

The borrower had current financials however the serviceability was below what the banks consider acceptable and more importantly there was a significant cash out portion of the facility, as such a private non-bank lender was required. GCC secured a facility through a private non-bank lender geared to an LVR of 60%.


Our client was looking to purchase a residential property which would be used as a future development site. The client planned to settle on the property then obtain DA after acquisition for over 350 dwellings to either sell or occupy.

The Developer was of Chinese origin and the local banks and as a result they were unwilling to help.

We secured a 12-month facility at 65% LVR of purchase price at market leading rates all within the requested timeframe.


Our client purchased 2 residential houses under option. During the option period he obtained DA approval for a mixed-use development with retail and 40 apartments of 7 levels.

Major banks were unwilling to assist.

This type of scenario is very common to us and we quickly secured funding via one of our private investors which allowed for sufficient time to obtain pre-sales and progress to a construction facility.


Our client purchased under option a large parcel of vacant land in south Western Sydney. They required extra funds to exercise option and finalise the settlement of the property.

Since the initial agreement, our client obtained zoning changes to the property and council support for future development, increasing the value of the property.

The clients existing bankers were unwilling to help.

GCC secured funding approval via one of our private investors for 65% LVR on the current value of the property which represented over 80% of purchase price.


We were approached to assist with the purchase of the final stage of the residential development site (Englobo Land) for a property located in Melbourne, Victoria and provide additional funding to cover infrastructure works. Total Consideration for the purchase was $120m.

The borrowers existing bankers were unwilling to assist.

We facilitated an approval for $84.5M which allowed for the land settlement and all associated costs including infrastructure works for 12 months.


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