The applicants had purchased the residential property some 4 ½ years before approaching GCC for this facility. During that time they had renovated the property extensively. Their existing facility with their bank was $2.5M which was used predominately to renovate and improve the property.

The clients wished to refinance this facility and have cash out of an additional $2M which would increase the facility amount to $4.5M, however they could not provide financials to demonstrate serviceability so their existing bank was unable to assist.

GCC was approached to facilitate the finance request. GCC ordered a valuation which came in at $10M. We secured and settled a facility of $4.5M from a private lender without the need for financials, at a rate which was competitive compared to the prevailing Bank rates.


Our client was a semi retired developer who needed to refinance his existing property located on the beach front just south of Sydney.

The clients existing facility was in 3 months arrears and the borrower could not demonstrate serviceability, however his intention was to sell the property.

GCC secured an approval via one of our private lenders for a $2.2M facility for 12 months which included 6 months interest prepaid within the facility to allow the borrower sufficient time to sell one of the units.


Retired applicants (no servicing) seeking bridging finance

Selling: a property in Point Vernon QLD for $390,000

Purchasing a property in Torquay QLD for $250,000

Existing mortgage to refinance against Point Vernon security = $16,000

Intention was to sell the existing property and the sale would extinguish the debt and leave the new property unencumbered with extra cash available to fund lifestyle.


GCC successfully secured a $300,000 total loan (50% LVR) to pay existing mortgage, purchase new security and prepay interest for the term.



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