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GCC is a full service commercial finance broker specialising in commercial loans, corporate finance & property development finance.

We are trusted by over 8,500 finance brokers Australia wide to deliver innovative financial solutions for their clients.

The GCC commercial loan broker business has been built on the strength of our relationship with our valued introducers, who partner with us to gain access to the widest network of lenders Australia-wide.

Put simply, if there is a lender in the country that can do the deal we know and already work closely with them.

GCC is constantly updating our available lending parameters, updating funder profiles and establishing new funder relationships. We compile all available data so we can provide the optimum financial package for your clients.

The benefit to being an Introducer to GCC is providing your client with seamless delivery of an optimal funding solution. In all cases, GCC shares received fee income with you as the introducer for any transaction that settles.

As commercial finance brokers, GCC provides efficient and comprehensive loan facilitation services that ensure that in the current economic environment, your deals are always professionally prepared and presented to the right underwriter.

We strongly value our relationships and whether you are a lender, broker or borrower, our mandate is to provide a seamless conduit to deliver the best financing solutions from lender to borrower.

Our commercial loan brokers partnership program is designed to deliver our introducers a seamless funding solution to their client. In short, you introduce the client, we prepare the credit memorandum, we settle the loan, and we pay you half of the commission generated: it really is that simple.

GCC’s Relationship Managers have a deep knowledge of the industry and are driven to provide top quality service to our customers and are available to come and meet with you at your convenience.

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A NSW based finance broker was referred a development proposal from an accountant. The proposal was to develop 11 residential units in an inner west Sydney suburb and the construction facility requested was for $11M, based on an end value of $17M. No presales were available.

The broker discussed the proposal with several lenders, however the proposal was quickly rejected. Another broker suggested that he contact our firm as we specialise in construction and development finance.


Reviewing the proposal, GCC quickly realised it was not an institutional type facility and to match the borrower’s requirements, a private non-bank lender was required.

GCC issued an Indicative Funding Proposal (IFP) to the broker in line with the borrower’s requested parameters. The broker met with the borrowing group and discussed our IFP in detail and it was accepted by the clients.

GCC prepared a credit paper for formal submission to the private lender which was in turn approved within 48 hours of submission. We then met with the borrowers and thoroughly went over the formal offer with them.

The Letter of Offer was accepted and a Valuation & Quantity Surveyor reports were commissioned. Within one week of settlement, GCC forwarded the introducing broker a cheque for $121,000 (1% + GST of the loan amount).

    That’s GCC Partnership in action…

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