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Advantage Through Technology

Our investments in technology keep brokers in front

Global Capital Commercial (GCC) offers functional and powerful technological solutions that deliver direct benefits to finance brokers. A true embodiment of our progressive and partner-centric approaches combining, we have created and implemented Australia’s first fully integrated financier platform – delivering true competitive advantage to finance brokers.

Our unique machine learning-based technology platform understands and considers all aspects of a broker’s operational eco-system, offering them unrivalled access to streamlined data, deal management and tracking, CRM and documentation processing systems.
GCC’s unique technology offers features and benefits to all brokers, these include:

  • A branded commercial origination portal
  • The ability to write commercial loans, development finance and equipment finance loans – all within a central, branded platform
  • Diversification of the broker’s business
  • Access to more products
  • Access to private lenders
  • Access to private investors
  • Increase in revenue through greater efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Ease of use and speed of learning

If you want to know more about GCC’s unrivalled finance technology solutions for brokers, how they can work for you, or how we will continue to advance into the future, contact us today.

“Unrivalled and unmatched technlogy.

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