We understand Property Development Finance!
We offer innovative market leading construction finance solutions property developers

We have extensive experience in structuring development finance facilities throughout Australia for residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail, tourism and land subdivisions.

Access to Capital

Our unparalleled direct access to well over 250 lenders combined with interest rates starting from as low as 4.45% pa (05/08/2018) means that there is no one better equipped to deliver your specific project needs.

We offer Loan For Property Development, Development FinanceNo pre-sale construction loans, Stretch Senior up to 90%, .

Our access to capital provides our clients funding options including:

  • No Pre-Sale Funding Options - Private Investor Funded
  • Stretched Senior Facilities to 75% of GRV & 90% of TDC!
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Preferred Equity
  • Joint Venture Funding
  • Development Management and project management
  • Land Subdivisions
  • Land Bank
  • Take out / residual stock finance
  • Distressed / Workout Solutions
  • Commercial Property loans to 80% LVR

Global Capital Commercial also offers access to mezzanine debt financing facilities and private equity providers through our carefully selected partners and high net worth private investors, who are some of the most forward-thinking lenders/investors in the market.

We can help fund all stages of the construction cycle from financing the initial purchase of the land and cover approval costs all the way through to construction draw downs:

  • Land Bank Facilities for land acquisition and to fund approval costs. We can also assist in areas where there is a valuation uplift via factors such as rezoning and approvals being issued, with the LVR based on the higher value amount.
  • Construction - Progressive draw-down facilities
  • Take-out Facilities allows for the repayment of the existing construction facility using the residual stock as security to release equity, or to allow the property developer time for an extended selling period

Global Capital Commercial’s construction finance facilities can be structured in many ways, with many different variations that are tailored to a project’s specific needs. However, typical property development loan structures fall into the following general categories;

  • Full Doc Development Finance facilities are typically sourced via banks and other major financial institutions such as super funds, generally requiring pre-sales (or pre-leases) as well as current up-to-date financials. They offer the cheapest form of construction finance currently available in terms of interest rates.
  • Stretched Senior Construction Finance facilities that go to a higher LVR than typical lenders on a senior debt basis without using a mezzanine facility. At present our senior stretched construction finance can extend to 75% of GRV and 90% of TDC
  • Low Doc, No pre-sale Development Finance facilities are usually sourced through our private investor/lenders, with their main advantage that they generally do not require pre-sales or financials. They are generally much more flexible in their lending criteria.

Value Add Development Finance Services

Global Capital Commercial can arrange the following project finance value add services for property developers:

  • Pre-sale underwriting products such as Put options and Standby pre-sales which enables the building loans facility to commence immediately, instead of waiting to achieve pre-sales requirements to satisfy the construction loan lender.
  • Pre-Sale Shortfall Bond which insures the lender for pre-sales. read more>
  • Joint Ventures GCC has a solid network of experienced property developers willing to enter into joint ventures for the right project
  • Builder Selection one of the biggest challenges for a property developer is finding the right builder to build a project, in the selected location, to start when required, all at the best possible price. Through GCC’s partners, we help make the choice of builder simple.

GCC is closely aligned with all project market participants, including those in agency, valuation and construction plus our long term relationships with lending institutions and property developers gives us a unique market overview and adds significant value to our property developer clients.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Personalised attention to all clients
  • The most expansive range of lenders to meet every project’s individual diverse needs
  • Market-leading facilities with attractive terms and competitive interest rates
  • Customised project specific funding strategies
  • Multiple options to choose the optimum facility structure
  • Effective framework to meet urgent requirements

What our clients say:

After completing my degree in Property Valuation and Investment, I have been involved in property investment and development finance since 1995, when I was State Manager for Capital Finance for the Bank of Scotland.

During the 2000’s I ran a global mezz / equity fund with assets under management peaking in 2009 at over AUD$1B. I finished my career in finance as head of property finance for one of the big 4 Australian Banks.

I met Bill Salouris and his team at Global Capital during this period and have consistently turned to the team for advice, recommendations and financial solutions for a range of property ventures across most property sectors including Residential, Industrial, Retail and Land Subdivision.

The team at Global Capital offer an extremely wide range of financial products and rarely fail to provide the right solution, whether that be a standard investment loan or a complicated structured development solution. The best part of the service, in my opinion, is that in the unlikely event they cannot find a solution – they will say so quickly – with an explanation, as to why.

I believe, they know, in this industry – we don’t have time to waste!

Global has always had the time to listen, and they understand the often frustrating times, a property developer experiences.

My company has completed property developments in 4 states of Australia, and 5 countries.

I have met an amazing array of property finance people during that time, but always come back to Global for advice, assistance and financial solutions.

I highly recommend Bill, and his team, to anyone seeking finance from a professional and dedicated team.

In an industry littered with part time inexperienced operators, Global is a standout player!

– Michael Knight, Managing Director, Knight Jones Australia

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