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Property refurbishment loans refer to proposals where a developer is looking at purchasing an existing building and refurbishing it to a modern level, to significantly add value to the building.

It may also mean strata titling a building or block of apartments from one title to several smaller titles, selling the units off individually at a higher combined value than selling the building itself.

Refurbishment loans are suitable for all existing properties including residential, office, commercial and retail.


A classic example of a property refurbishment loan is when a developer purchases a block of apartments which is currently on one title.

The developer will update and modernise the property with items such as security systems, new appliances and a modern fit-out.

The developer will also strata title the individual units, selling them off separately.

This can all be achieved reasonably quickly, with the funds usually required for 6-12 months.

    We can tailor a property refurbishment finance facility to meet your specific needs.

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