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Outside of our traditional known strengths in property finance Global Capital Commercial (GCC) assists a range of clients through our extensive experience in additional services, including:
Private equity

GCC offers property owners and developers access to equity beyond what is available through traditional debt markets. Our network of high-net-worth and private equity investors can demonstrate a strong track record of providing practical and powerful financial and transactional support – at all stages of the investment cycle. Read more +

Corporate Advisory & Strategy

GCC provides a range of expert corporate advisory and strategy solutions for both SME and ‘large-cap’ corporations. Our highly experienced corporate finance and advisory team works with clients to structure bespoke finance solutions that help them to achieve their business goals and objectives. Read more +

Mortgage Investments

Although often overlooked by investors, private mortgage investments provide a fixed rate of return over a predefined period, with property security provided – something investors can see and touch. At GCC we help private lenders and high-net-worth individuals build diversified loan portfolios that provide an excellent rate of return, while protecting their principal investment. Read more +

Distressed workout solutions

The cyclical nature of capital markets often results in borrowers finding themselves in difficult or uncertain financial situations. At GCC, we understand that such clients need the right help as fast as possible. Our experience and knowledge of the legal and financial implications of delinquent debt means we can help those in tough times navigate their way out of troubled waters. Read more +

Development management

Sometimes lenders require a development management agreement before they agree to provide funding to developers. This is common if they are based overseas or do not have the required experience in developing the type of project being proposed. At GCC we provide a range of professional and expert development management services that help developers gain the finance necessary to complete all manner of projects. Read more +

Credit enhancement strategies

For larger projects, borrowers may sometimes require more finance than most standard commercial lenders are willing to provide. Until now, the only option was to take out a second mortgage, despite most senior lenders frowning upon them. Now GCC offers smarter solutions for borrowers, which use a range of credit enhancement strategies. Often, we have found we improve our client’s risk profile, thus increasing their borrowing potential. Read more +

Damian McCormack, Broker

I engaged GCC to assist my client with obtaining development finance for 8 townhouses as none of the major banks were able to assist. GCC obtained approval consistent with the clients’ requirements (specifically no pre-sales) in a timely and professional manner. The approval was a big relief for the client as this project could release Continue Reading

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