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Private Equity

Focused Private Equity

Global Capital Commercial (GCC) was founded to assist property owners and property developers meet their strategic and financial objectives, by effectively providing access to equity beyond what is traditionally available in debt markets.

GCC has a rich understanding of the property market and how to develop long term mutually beneficial relationships between investors and key stakeholders. With access to high-net-worth private investors and this understanding, we create unique opportunities for our clients.
Often Developers realise that they need additional equity in order to complete a project. This may be because of a number of reasons, including having too many projects running on the go, over exposed with current lenders, project size too large for their current capacity, lack of relevant experience, lack of funds and the list goes on.etc. Fortunately, GCC have experience in all of these areas and we can help.

Private Equity investors – passive or active?

Passive investors

Passive Investors are typically looking for quality operators or developers that can be relied upon. Those that have the necessary experience and proven track record to manage and successfully deliver the desired investment objectives.

Active investors

Active Investors take an active and ‘hands on’ role in developing the project from concept to completion, this can cover project management, design and construct. They typically seek projects early in the investment cycle, in order to maximise their upside.

Source Investment with GCC

GCC operates a direct investment arm, which has the capability to invest money into some of our client’s businesses or projects where we see value. We have also established strong relationships with external equity investors who may choose to co-invest. Target investment size ranges from $1m up to $100m.

“Our dedicated team specialises and understands private equity intimately. GCC provide a service and level of expertise in this delicate area that has the necessary depth, empathy and perspective to ensure the highest level of success and confidentiality for all parties concerned.”

Damian McCormack, Broker

I engaged GCC to assist my client with obtaining development finance for 8 townhouses as none of the major banks were able to assist. GCC obtained approval consistent with the clients’ requirements (specifically no pre-sales) in a timely and professional manner. The approval was a big relief for the client as this project could release Continue Reading

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