Global Capital Commercials’ most important asset are its people.

Accordingly we employ the best in the industry.

While it’s important that our employees have the latest technical and tertiary expertise, it’s equally important that they are passionate about what they do.

Our people are seasoned professionals with a collective depth of experience that gives you the edge.

Andrew West – National Sales Manager – Property

Andrew’s background in finance and lending stands him in good stead for his role at Global Capital. With a positive outlook he creates an optimum approach for our clients, utilising his business strengths derived from growing and maturing his experience, knowledge and skills over 30 years.

Andrew began his career with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, gaining lending experience across a diverse range of fields, from business and asset financing to commercial and property lending. He then held the role of Commercial Business Development Manager with respectively ING Bank, Ashe Morgan Commercial; and Suncorp Bank. Finding financial solutions for your client is what Andrew does best!

Warren Stanton – Business Finance

Warren is a people oriented Business & Asset Finance specialist with over 25 years experience in the finance industry. In particular his speciality is working closely with accountants and brokers across Australia to ensure they understand the value they can add to a client’s business by looking at appropriate options to simply maximise their cash flow 

Warren’s major strengths include sales, credit assessment,  analytical and numeracy skills, broker and customer relationships as well as supervising and training staff. 

Warren prides himself on delivering excellent customer service, developing and retaining clientele. 

Outside of work Warren has a passion for sport , firstly playing & more recently as a spectator.

Phillip Jiang

We have met where I have always wanted to be: the experience and best outcome for you.

Phillip Jiang has extensive experience from end to end mortgage lending, comprehensive understanding and command of  policies and niches of various lenders, insight of the dynamics of the local property markets across Australia, and the focus and dedication to achieve the best solution and outcome for his clients.

His previous roles with various  household name lenders and the long established professional network in the industry will provide clients from all walks of like with a platform to get things done.

Geoff Wensley

Geoff brings over 29 years of experience in the Finance industry which includes some 12 years within the Mortgage/Funds Management field performing various roles within both bank and non-bank environments. Geoff’s previous positions include Operations Manager at MCCA Limited, and Team Leader of Commercial Lending Operations for Challenger Commercial Lending and the Challenger Howard Mortgage Fund.

Geoff has acquired various educational qualifications throughout his career, Geoff brings a vast knowledge of the commercial lending, mortgage trust and fund management fields and offers exceptional skills within lending and operational businesses.

Geoff’s focus is to ensure each client that engages with our company, gains the ultimate borrowing or Investment experience through the implementation of quality processes and procedures throughout the various segments of the business. 

Vahe Hovagimian

Vahe has over 10 years experience in the Banking and property finance industry, having extensive experience in property and construction finance.

He has held various management roles across the commercial banking sphere and has been involved in all aspects of the financing process from origination through to due diliegence, credit structuring and risk management.

Vahe holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration from Macquarie University.

Kristina Wise

Kistina is a motivated sales and customer service focused manager with over 15 years of experience within the banking and finance industry.

Kristina brings with her, high energy and great communication skills. Reliable and friendly professional able to work with little oversight and collaborate in team environments.

Edweena Bhanam

With over 5 years experience in the Banking & Financial Industry, Edweena has extensive experience from end to end mortgage lending, comprehensive understanding of policies and niches of various lenders, ability to identify and map business strengths and customer needs, insight into current industry trends across the Australian banking and property market, and the focus and commitment to provide tailored lending solutions to achieve desirable solutions for her clients.

Within this short time frame, Edweena has held and excelled into various senior roles across the residential banking space and has been involved in all aspects of the lending process. With her enthusiastic and tenacious approach as well as long established professional networks within the industry she aims to provide the best possible solution and outcome for her clients.

Mike Tatlow

Mike has worked in the financial industry for over 15 years across consumer banking and lending.

He has held various roles across the industry in digital marketing and operations, educating and informing clients and customers on better ways to process and how to communicate their message.

Mike’s other main focus is to engage with the customer and to help them make an informed decision about the products and services he can offer.

Geoff Cannings – Chief Financial Officer

Geoff is a qualified accountant with over 30 years’ experience in this field. He has worked as in Chief Financial Officer and Financial Controller roles both in Australia = in London with companies such as Lord Howe Island Board, DDB Needham Advertising Agency, Concord Advertising UK, Knight Frank Pty Ltd, FAI Insurance and the State Rail Authority (SRA). Covering industries including advertising, shopping centres and property management, government bodies and financial, Geoff has considerable experience within the finance industry.

Credit Analyst Team

Our Credit Analysts provide technical support for all client financing needs whether your requirements are straightforward or complex. Their support starts with getting a thorough understanding of your individual borrowing needs and applying our appropriate and experienced knowledge of our funders into your credit submission. We analyse the appropriate funders which suit each client’s specific circumstances and needs – both now and in the future. We take away any complexity and stress from the loan process, professionally ensuring the smooth and prompt settlement of the transaction.

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