Key People

Global Capital Commercials’ most important asset are its people.

Accordingly we employ the best in the industry. While it’s important that our employees have the latest technical and tertiary expertise, it’s equally important that they are passionate about what they do. Our people are seasoned professionals with a collective depth of experience that gives you the edge.

Andrew West – National Sales Manager – Property

Andrew’s background in finance and lending stands him in good stead for his role at Global Capital. With a positive outlook he creates an optimum approach for our clients, utilising his business strengths derived from growing and maturing his experience, knowledge and skills over 30 years.

Andrew began his career with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, gaining lending experience across a diverse range of fields, from business and asset financing to commercial and property lending. He then held the role of Commercial Business Development Manager with respectively ING Bank, Ashe Morgan Commercial; and Suncorp Bank. Finding financial solutions for your client is what Andrew does best!

Chris Slack – Head of Business Finance

Chris has 15 years finance experience across financial planning, banking and asset finance. In particular his speciality is working closely with accountants and brokers across Australia to ensure they understand the value they can add to a client’s business by looking at appropriate options to simply maximise their cash flow.

Chris is happy to share strategies with accountants, vendors and brokers about the ways in which Global Capital’s Business Finance Division can strengthen their proposition to their clients.

Outside work, Chris enjoys his golf, basketball and running around chasing his kids.

Naomi Randell – National Sales Manager – Residential

Naomi is our Sales Manager and joined GCC after working the finance industry since 2007. Naomi started her career with National Australia Bank in the retail banking sector as a teller, quickly learned the ropes and worked her way up to a Branch Manager position. She then moved in to Mortgage Broking, where she has strengthened her depth of knowledge of how mortgage originators, non-bank lender and the major bank operate and assess risk.

In July of 2012 Naomi began leading the GCC Residential Home Loan division. Naomi also works closely with the business finance and commercial finance teams within GCC, working to achieve the clients’ requirements with often complicated and diverse security and types of finance needed.

Bill Salouris – Private Equity and Structured Project Finance

Bill Salouris has been with Global Capital Corporation (GCC) since its incorporation in 2001 and has been widely involved in the finance industry in Australia and internationally for well over 25 years. Bill has specialised in project and infrastructure finance in South East Asia, as well as arranging foreign investment projects in that region.

Bill specialises in facilitating innovative construction finance solutions for our property developer clients, including senior debt, mezzanine finance, private equity and joint ventures.

Under Bill’s guidance, GCC constantly reviews business best practices and develops new products and procedures that facilitate clients’ optimum funding objectives.

Jacob Overs – Credit Manager – Business Finance

Jacob understands small businesses because he has either been running or servicing them for the last 12 years.

A specialist in Vehicle and Equipment Finance, Jacob started his career in the best place ever – the school of hard knocks.

He went straight from school to working in his family business which at the time involved selling and servicing trucks, vehicles and cars to small and medium sized Australian businesses.

What drives Jacob besides a passion for sport – he is an accomplished basketball player and fan who supports the Kings – is a passion for the little guy and making he receives all the service and support he needs to be successful in the business he operates.

A logical thinker, Jacob sees what many in business often don’t – Reason.

For this alone, he has come to be a person clients value, trust and lean on for support and advice when it to comes to business, vehicle, trade and equipment finance.

Mozzafar Hossain – Credit Manager – Property Finance

With a name out of The Lion King itself (Mozzafar!), you know you can bank on Moz (as we call him affectionately here at Global Capital) to do the right thing – the brave thing – by the clients.
Mozzafar joins Global Capital as Credit Manager primarily servicing our clients in the Property Development and Construction Finance sectors.

Ex BankWest, where he served as a Financial Analyst and Relationship Manager for over a decade, Moz adds a wealth of experience to a team already Number 1 in commercial capital in Australia.

Mozzafar, who holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Wollongong University, says, quote, when asked ‘why he chose Global Capital’, says – “they saw my potential and saw no reason to limit it, they gave me the opportunity to both develop my skills and apply them across a far wider berth of areas than just the investment banking and commercial capital space!”

Angela Xiong – Credit Analyst, Property Finance

Literally following in her father’s footsteps – he studied International business in Australia in 2004 – Angela moved to Australia to study only six years later, when she was still only in the 9th grade.

Originally from the Wuhan province of China, Angela always had a fascination for numbers, realising you could do magic with them – if you wanted to!

Joining Global Capital after a brief internship at the Bank of China, Angela worked her way up the ranks at Global Capital, eventually being promoted to the post of Credit Analyst servicing clients across our Home Loan and Commercial Capital business divisions.

What made Angela choose Global Capital?

“They don’t do the standard home loan stuff”, she says. “They do the high level loans – like syndicated loans for example- that really give me a chance to apply my knowledge as well as expand it!”

Angela is part of a team that are the difference, and therefore, make it!

Marcella Roybal MBA

Marcella works with a variety of industry sectors providing our clients with business and asset finance solutions. Business development and customer service are her strength and she enjoys finding solutions for her clients and values their working relationships. Marcella manages and executes business finance transactions up to $50 million.

With a Master of Business Administration degree and a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Brokering, her past career roles have seen her working in corporate advisory, distribution and management. She has a personal interest in helping others who are disadvantaged in life.

Philip Lee M Fin

Philip’s has had a varied career in financial markets that spans over 20 years. His experience includes working as an institutional equities dealer covering Singapore and Malaysian markets and as a convertible bond and IPO analyst covering the Taiwan and China markets. His experience has broad exposure to the technology sector. He has also written extensively about the Asia Pacific capital markets.

Philip also has extensive experience in capital raising covering debt, hybrid and equity for SMEs. He also has significant property finance experience.

Jagan G.V.S

Jagan is a banking professional with extensive experience in project finance, capital raising and corporate banking with a long term interest in infrastructure and the healthcare industry. He brings vast experience in PPP structures and a wide exposure to banking and advisory business with a specialist focus to corporate finance, project debt, structured and acquisition finance deals previously working with UBS Investment Bank.

He directly assessed, executed and managed debt capital deals worth over $5Bn across diverse sectors like power generation, property, transportation, social and commercial infrastructure, healthcare and education. Has a strong interest in sustainable energy solutions, biotech and clean tech. He holds degrees in Finance and Engineering.


Ahmad Gharib

Ahmad has worked with various financial institutions, initially as a Credit Analyst before being promoted to Senior Relationship Manager. Ahmad holds an Economics & Finance degree and brings extensive experience in Commercial & Constructions Loans, as well as all facets of Retail & Commercial banking. He also offers Insurance Broking services, predominantly looking after Home Warranty and Construction Risk Insurance. Ahmad’s experience in Banking & Insurance makes him a valuable member of our team and to professionally discuss your finance and insurance needs with you

Geoff Cannings – Chief Financial Officer

Geoff is a qualified accountant with over 30 years’ experience in this field. He has worked as in Chief Financial Officer and Financial Controller roles both in Australia = in London with companies such as Lord Howe Island Board, DDB Needham Advertising Agency, Concord Advertising UK, Knight Frank Pty Ltd, FAI Insurance and the State Rail Authority (SRA). Covering industries including advertising, shopping centres and property management, government bodies and financial, Geoff has considerable experience within the finance industry.

Credit Analyst Team

Our Credit Analysts provide technical support for all client financing needs whether your requirements are straightforward or complex. Their support starts with getting a thorough understanding of your individual borrowing needs and applying our appropriate and experienced knowledge of our funders into your credit submission. We analyse the appropriate funders which suit each client’s specific circumstances and needs – both now and in the future. We take away any complexity and stress from the loan process, professionally ensuring the smooth and prompt settlement of the transaction.



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