Direct access to Private Investor / Lenders who are Looking to lend now..
Competitive rates, and fast approvals

GCC has direct access to private investors and private mortgage funds who are genuine lenders looking to lend money for property based transactions including owner occupied and investment properties as well as all types of construction and subdivision loans.

Australia’s leading facilitator of Private Loans

With banks taking a tough stance in regard to all commercial property and construction lending, it is now more important than ever to utilise GCC’s expertise in proposal preparation, extensive contact base and private lender alternatives.

    Our private loans are sourced via over 250 specialist funds, private mortgage lenders and our HNW investors. With years of industry experience and an extensive network of funding channels allows us to deliver the necessary result, whatever the circumstances.


    In short, GCC Private Mortgages can help where other fail!

    GCC Private finance lenders may assist in the following circumstances:

    • Where urgent settlement is required
    • Cash flow problems
    • Credit history such as defaults and judgements
    • Financial data is either unavailable or serviceability is not evident
    • Current loans are in arrears
    • Overseas resident with no demonstrated local ability to service a facility
    • Issues with the security property, such as specialised nature, etc
    • Location of the property (remote)
    • Receivers have appointed or are about to be appointed
    • ATO Tax debts need to be paid urgently
    • The existing lender is forcing an exit
    • Incomplete construction project and the existing lender is unwilling to fund to completion

    Are you looking at buying a property or refinance an existing loan? Do you need construction finance for a property development? For a confidential chat call:

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