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Short Term Loans

When speed of finance is critical
Highly responsive short term loans
Fast approvals and competitive rates

At Global Capital Commercial (GCC) we understand that on occasion, timing is vital to capitalise on an opportunity or to address a challenge. We are experts in securing short term finance, through loans specifically designed to help facilitate urgent settlements.

Delays in obtaining urgent funding from traditional sources such as banks and other financial institutions can result in loss of income, business and even the loss of a deposit if a property settlement does not take place on time.

Short term finance is designed to assist in these circumstances, to be able settle within just days, not months or weeks. GCC offer customised short-term finance solutions with flexible terms from one to twelve months, as well as some of the fastest turnaround times and competitive rates.


“When in need of short term finance, borrowers can benefit from GCC’s expertise, network of lenders and highly competitive rates to ensure timely and optimum outcomes.”


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Short Term Solutions

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